Greeting For SMK

Greeting For SMK


The goal of learning :
Greeting in Wikipedia is an act of communication in which human beings intentionally make their presence known to each other formal or informal.

Greeting can be used when we meet someone that we know and we usually greet them whatever formal or informal situation.

In informal situation ( when we meet someone who already know each other like best friend, classmate, close frien or friend and etc). we can express like :
1.     Hi …
2.     Hello …
In Formal situation ( when we meet someone that we respect to them). Like Teacher or others. We can express like :
1.     Good Morning
2.     Good Noon
3.     Good Afternoon
4.     Good Evening

After we Greet someone, we usually ask someone by the following expressions :
Ø  Asking Condition
-         How are you?
-         How’s everything?
-         How’s life?
-         How’s your business?
-         How are you doing?
-         What’s up?
-         How are things?
-         How’s getting on?
Ø  Responses of asking condition (Responses based on the situation)
-         I’m fine, thank you
-         I’m very well, thanks
-         I’m good
-         I’m great
-         Not so bad, thanks
-         I’m ok.
-         I’m not good
-         I’m unweel

Ø  Asking Activity
-         Where are you going?
-         What are you doing
Ø  Responses of Asking Activity
-         I’m going to …..
-         I’m …..
Ok. That’s all for our lesson today! We will get in to the next lesson soon.
Remember, In learning english :
Practice make perfect!
The more often you practice English, the better you english skill will be!

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