Never Say Die (Improve Your English Skill Part 1)


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Never Say Die

Never Say Die (Improve Your English Skill Part 1)

Here Is Story of a person who is very ambitious to be admitted to (diterima pada) a reputable university (Universitas Ternama) in this country. His name is Mahfud.

Mahfud has his own timetable (jadwal sendiri). Every morning he gets up early ( bangun pagi). After doing the early morning prayer or Sholat Subuh, he reads today's class (pelajaran hair in). Then he has breakfast (makan pagi).

After that, he waits for (menunggu) the bus or minibus. At six fifty he reaches (sampai) his Senior High School.

At School, he listens to the teacher. He often (seeing) asks his teacher questions. The teacher often asks him some question too and Mahfud usually (biasanya) knows the answers.

Mahfud always spends all his time on books. All books in the library have been digested. He can speak and write (berbicara dan menulis) English well. Books and books are with him wherever (kemanapun) he goes. He takes notes from the books he has read. He also makes a summary (ringkasan) from student's encyclopedia. His friend call him (memanggilnya) a "Mister Professor".

Improve your english skill by reading story

At this room, there are more than twenty five UMPTN books. He reads them and does all items of the tests (soal-soal tes). He buys and borrow (membeli dan meminjam) a lot of the UMPTN exercises (latihan). If he can not do the items of the test, he sees (menemui) his teachers.

A University Entrance Examination (UMPTN) is coming closer and closer (semakin dekat), Mahfud does not want to fail (take mau gagal). Unfortunately (malangnya), he got an accident. He was fell from the roof (jatuh dari atap). He was taken (dibawa) to Bethesda Hospital. His leg was broken (kakinya patah). So he had to keep staying (tetap tinggal) in the hospital for weeks. As a consequence (akibatnya), he took a University Entrance Examination in the hospital.

"Whatever my condition, i must go on (harus maju terus). To be admitted to a reputable University is my ambition (cita-citaku) i must be successful (harus berhasil) in study. I am sure that (yakin bahwa) i can fight for a seat (bersaing untuk mendapatkan kursi) in a university". said Mahfud.

At the weekend (pada akhir minggu), Mahfud sometimes (kadang-kadang) plays football for fun (untuk bersenang-senang) with his friends in the field (di lapangan). He likes football very much. He often follows(mengikuti) a British Football League (Liga sepal bola Inggris) on a private station (stasiun TV Swasta) too.

Once a month (sekali sebulan), he goes to the beach (pantai) or a shopping Mall. He goes to the beach to make him fresh. Or he goes to a Shopping Mall to have a look the latest brand (merk paling baru/mutakhir) of hand phones and computers.

it was the mid of july (pertengahan juli), 1997, Mahfud was admitted to the University of Indonesia in the Medical Faculty (Fakultas Kedokteran).

A. Answer the following questions.

1. Who wanted to be admitted to University?

2. What time did he reach his school?

3. How many books did he read in the library?

4. How often did he go to the beach?

5. when was the result of the University Entrance Examination announced?

B. Fill in the blanks with the suitable word below.

fail -- gets up -- know -- beach -- summary

1. Mahfud always ... everyday.

2. I don't ... her address.

3. His success comes after he ... in the University Entrance Examination, but he never gives up.

4. On Sundays we go to the ... to relax.

5. You should make a ... from the books.

C. Make sentences using the words below.

Number ONE is as an example.

1. Ambitious (adj) : He is an ambitious man.

2. Condition (n) :

3. Sure (adj) :

4. University (n) :

5. Ask (v) :

Materi belajar ini di ambil dari bahan ajar bahasa inggris ISBN : 979-3721-29-4 Karya (Slamet Riyanto)

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