An Adventure to an Active Volcano in Indonesia


An Active Volcano In Indonesia

Want to Visit and Adventure to an Active Volcano in Indonesia 

I have always wanted to see an active volcano up close. This is what first drew me to travel to Indonesia, a country home to over 120 volcanoes with 80 still considered active. 45 of those active volcanoes are located on the island of Java, which I was exploring during this month-long trip. To reach the main volcanic national park in East Java, I took a train to the town of Probolinggo located near the foothills. From there, I prepared for an epic adventure to witness one of nature's most incredible displays of power. 

After checking into a small guesthouse in Probolinggo for the night, I rented a motorcycle the following morning to make the journey to the volcano on my own. I wanted the freedom to explore at my own pace and experience the sunrise from the best vantage points. The two hour drive took me through scenic rice fields and rural villages as I followed the winding roads towards the national park. Probolinggo is a gateway town for the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, home to five volcanoes including the famed Mount Bromo. 

Upon arriving at the entrance to the park, I paid the 220,000IDR entry fee as a foreign tourist visiting on a weekday. Weekend rates were even higher at 320,000IDR but it was still a bargain considering the natural beauty and attractions within. I began the volcanic adventure by parking my rental motorcycle and hiking through an otherworldly moonscape of volcanic ash and cinder. The dry surface made biking difficult so I continued on foot. As the sun rose over the volcanic caldera, I was stunned by the shifting colors and patterns of light. An early morning mist still partially covered the dramatic landscape of jagged peaks and volcanic slopes. 

I explored overlook points dotting the edge of the massive caldera while taking in panoramic views of the five smoldering volcanic cones below. Crowds began arriving en masse via off-road vehicles once the sun had fully risen. Finding a quieter spot, I lingered to watch the sun gradually burn away the clouds and mist, revealing the full scale of the volcanic wonderland. Only then did the true vastness of the area become apparent with jeeps appearing like specks in the distance. Nature truly has no bounds here. 

My destination was the active vent of Mount Bromo itself. I slowly made my way across the rugged volcanic sand, dodging larger piles of cinder and ash blown out during previous eruptions. The sulphurous smell grew stronger as I approached the billowing smoke plume emerging from the cone. Peering into the fuming pit, I was overwhelmed by the raw power on display. Loud rumbling sounds emanated from deep within the earth, a physical manifestation of the planet's inner forces. It was both beautiful and terrifying to stand at the very edge gazing into the endless depths below. 

The harsh conditions took their toll on my clothing and gear, coating everything in a thick layer of ash. Even my lungs felt irritated from breathing the contaminated air. Still, it was a surreal experience worth braving the discomfort. I spent several hours exploring the volcanic landscape, mesmerized by the changing hues and constantly shifting landscape. Only exhaustion and concern over falling asleep on the return journey compelled me to begin the trip back to Probolinggo. 

It was a grueling experience unlike relaxing on Bali's beaches but one that reminded me why I travel - to witness incredible destinations in their raw, untouched form. While tours are available, I'm glad I experienced the volcano independently with freedom to linger or change plans on a whim. The scale, sounds and ominous power of an active supervolcano is impossible to comprehend until standing at the rim of the vent itself. Indonesia continues to impress with its abundance of natural wonders still largely unspoiled by mass tourism. This active volcano adventure was truly a once in a lifetime experience I'll never forget.

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